Attention Sports Citizens.

I want to give a shout out to a new site dedicated to a side of sports fandom oft overlooked, Sports Fan Manifesto. The site is run by my friend and former colleague, Tom Semioli, and I’m excited to see what stories and topics for rampant discussion Tom brings to light. I’m even more excited to put in my two cents (I’m… opinionated).

From the Mission Statement:
Greetings fellow sports fans! Sports Fan Manifesto is a forum created to discuss, debate, and disseminate the civic issues which affect sports fans from coast to coast. The goal here is to engage sports fans of conscious in a open, honest and respectful dialogue which confronts the serious issues of our times, ranging from the use of our hard earned tax dollars to build stadiums to team owners imposing ideologies which may or may not be in the public’s best interest: religion, politics, jingoism, militarism. We also intend to praise and call attention to those in sports who have exemplified social, moral, and civic responsibility.

Let’s not be simply be “sports fans” – let’s evolve together as “sports citizens!”