Pumpkin Brew Review – Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

I apologize profusely for the delay. I know that everyone has been dying to know which pumpkin beers they should be chugging. Just kidding. No one should ever chug a pumpkin beer. Anyway, I started off the tastings on an extremely positive note. Beer Number One catapulted me into a delicious fall mood. But then I tried Beer Number Two (an unfortunate bargain option), and it made me want to vomit. #2 tainted my taste buds, but I’m battling back (by switching to red wine for a minute). Tis the season for fall beverages, and I want to share my tasting experiences with all of you! The terrible beer will be unveiled in time, but first I want to tell you about my favorite so far (already surpassing all of last year’s contenders):

straight shooter.

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale
Smuttynose Brewing Co. (Portsmouth, NH)
“Ale Brewed With Pumpkin Puree & Spices”
5.84% ABV

The label is Smuttynose-basic. Name and a photo. And for this particular brew, you get a straight up pumpkin. You know what you’re getting yourself into. Simplicity appreciated.

Smuttynose is not overpowering in its smell whatsoever. Most notably, when whiffing, you don’t get the feeling you’re about to eat some pie (or drink something curiously similar to a pie). It smells of lightly spiced beer with pumpkin undertones. Emphasis on beer.

Pleasant surprise! The pumpkin flavor is much more present in taste than in smell. The pumpkin comes across as complimentary to the body of the beer versus being a bossy flavor.

The spice is subtle, as hinted in the aroma, but it gives the beer a light edge. This pumpkin brew is not sweet but extremely drinkable.

NOT overly sweet or squashy (thank god), it’s a pumpkin beer that knows it’s a beer (and not a pie). Not too heavy – it feels possible to drink more than one in a row (often a rarity with novelty-flavor beers). I recommend this easy-flowing fall treat beer if you’re ready to start pumpkin-dabbling.

4/5 pumpkins. Out of the gate, this one feels hard to top!

Falling back into things.

It’s officially (feeling like) fall, and I am officially needing to update this thing (see what I did with the post title..). Baseball is revving up, football is BACK, and pumpkin beer tastings are right around the corner. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?

I’m tickled.


The Pumpkin Brew Review will be back starting October 1. I’m diving deeper into the pumpkin beer world, being EVEN MORE critical of the seasonal beverage for your reading/tasting pleasure, and I’ll be updating twice as many times as last season. This is serious.

batter up.

The long road that is a baseball season is nearly at its end for the 2012 season. Can Washington and Cincinnati continue their domination? And which of those is the NL’s best? Is this the year Texas finally goes all the way? Can gutsy Oakland or surprising Baltimore make the run to the end? SO MANY QUESTIONS. And soon, so many answers. I’m going to break down the Wild Card and playoff match-ups and stick with baseball until the bitter and/or glorious end.

just… crazy so far.

Wow. All I can say is wow. The replacement refs are terrible, upsets are happening all over the place, Arizona is 3-0 and New Orleans is 0-3. What is going on this season?! I’ll be paying closer attention (and writing about it) regarding what’s to come.

I know there hasn’t been much to take in at DITS lately, but that is about to change. DO NOT REMOVE THAT BOOKMARK!