How Real is She?

I am a longtime fan of REAL SPORTS with Bryant Gumbel, and as my HBO GO access allows, I keep up with the show at my leisure. I just finished watching the 4/16/13 edition featuring a story on Christmas Abbott, a CrossFit star now trying to make history as the first female on a top-level (Sprint Cup) NASCAR pit crew – a job that involves removing, then lifting, large tires and bolting new ones in place… in less than 12 seconds.

It also involves laying on them.

Jon Frankel talks with Abbott about her story, while also trying to understand whether her being plucked from quasi-obscurity (internet stardom) is anything more than a marketing ploy.

Below is an excerpt – I’d suggest watching the entire segment if you can and figuring out for yourself whether you think this chick is for real. If she’s good enough to make it where it counts (marketable good looks notwithstanding), then I’m all for it.