Mustache Sighting – Oh When the Staches Go Marching In

This is real.

On President’s Day (this past Monday 2/20), The American Mustache Institute (this exists!) presented their plan to hold a Million Mustache March (in April 2012) to support the STACHE Act (Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses). The STACHE Act calls for a $250 annual tax refund for the care/upkeep of mustaches (on American upper lips).

The Mustache lobby claims that mustachioed Americans earn 4.3% more money (on average, per year) than their facial hair-less compatriots. They argue that government incentives backing facial hair growth would subsequently help the economy.

No idea about that argument, but I will continue to support stache and beard growth (I was raised by a dad with a BADASS mustache. So.. yeah.). Scruff supporter or not, you might find this video explaining the Mustache Movement amusing: