Mustache Sighting – Oh When the Staches Go Marching In

This is real.

On President’s Day (this past Monday 2/20), The American Mustache Institute (this exists!) presented their plan to hold a Million Mustache March (in April 2012) to support the STACHE Act (Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses). The STACHE Act calls for a $250 annual tax refund for the care/upkeep of mustaches (on American upper lips).

The Mustache lobby claims that mustachioed Americans earn 4.3% more money (on average, per year) than their facial hair-less compatriots. They argue that government incentives backing facial hair growth would subsequently help the economy.

No idea about that argument, but I will continue to support stache and beard growth (I was raised by a dad with a BADASS mustache. So.. yeah.). Scruff supporter or not, you might find this video explaining the Mustache Movement amusing:

Mustache Sighting – A Guide to Stache Etiquette

Today, I spied this New York Magazine slideshow – John Hodgman’s Handy Guide to Mustache Etiquette. John Hodgman is probably best known for his role as “PC” in the Mac vs. PC commercials where Justin Long plays the Mac. I know him best for his role as Louis Green, Jonathan’s arch-nemisis on Bored to Death. ANYWAY. Here’s a fine example from Hodgman’s upper-lip-facial-hair guidelines:

Photo from New York Magazine,

“…DO groom with a Zen Garden rake. It leaves soothing tracks while clearing your mind to ponder such philosophical questions as, ‘Van Dykes: What’s the point, really?'”

Mustache Sighting.

Beards. They’re everywhere. The NHL post-season Playoff Beard shenanigans promotes scruff on all participants’ faces (if they can grow them.. remember Sidney Crosby’s awkward facial hair?), more baseball players than usual have sweat dripping off their grizzly-haired faces, and I just saw a commercial for an upcoming show, Whisker Wars, which highlights competitive beard-growing. I personally am a fan of beards, but it seems like the mustache is being completely ignored. I grew up with a father that sported a seriously badass handlebar mustache, so maybe I’m biased, but this post marks the start of what I’m calling Mustache Sighting. I am seeking legit mustaches in any form.

Well played.