Old-School Coach.

And when I say Coach, I mean the brand. Coach, known for its foundations in fine leather, has made available a Baseball Heritage Collection. The collection includes wallets made out of glove-tanned leather, a leather baseball and paperweight, and baseball duffel, among other items.

leather baseball - coach.com
heritage baseball double billfold wallet - coach.com
leather baseball paperweight - coach.com
heritage baseball duffle - coach.com

I want that wallet.


Keep Looking.

I was waiting to catch an L shuttle (UGH weekend transit pains) from the Morgan stop in Brooklyn, a hop skip and a 10 minute walk from my house, when I came upon this picture, glowing amongst trash and graffiti.


There are gems amongst the wreckage here. And it seems that I am not the only one looking.



I was shuffling home yesterday, looking for signs of life in my neighborhood (read: new places to buy/eat delicious meals) when I happened upon this. I have no idea what business or home resides in this building. I was too surprised to investigate right at that moment. Also, it had started to rain.


But I want to open that rose-handled door. A lot.