Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and has been banned from cycling.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) released a statement on the matter Friday (8/24). Here is an excerpt:

Nobody wins when an athlete decides to cheat with dangerous performance enhancing drugs, but clean athletes at every level expect those of us here on their behalf, to pursue the truth to ensure the win-at-all-cost culture does not permanently overtake fair, honest competition.

Granted, there is a battle ensuing between the USADA and the International Cycling Union over who has the authority to strip the cyclist of his wins, but the fact that this debacle has gotten this far is completely sad. And wildly incriminating.

All I can say is wow. Where have all the cowboys gone (Paula Cole once asked)?




They did it. And they did it well (beating second place Russia by over five points and third place Romania by over seven). Congratulations to Team USA’s women’s gymnastics team on winning team gold (for the first time since 1996)! Magnificent Seven then, Fab Five now. So many kinds of awesome.

My mom wrote this to me this morning –  “They didn’t choke, they don’t look like little emaciated underfed girls, and they really stepped up when the pressure was on.  I can’t believe the hard tricks that they all do now……watching them last night brought back lots of gym memories.”

Couldn’t agree more with all of it. BOOM!