PUMPKIN BREW REVIEW – Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale
The Boston Beer Company (Boston, MA)
“Ale Brewed With Pumpkin and Spices”
5.7% ABV
The Sam Adams label you recognize and feel comfortable with – with a few orange and brown touches. They don’t need to mess around with pumpkin pictures. I’d feel weird if they did.
The pumpkin is very present in the aroma, with some spices that help the smell edge closer to pumpkin pie instead of pumpkin-can-opened-during-baking (which tends to just smell like the suburban aroma of Devil’s Night – smashed pumpkins).
A nice light pumpkin taste (closer to squashy in the taste, versus the quasi pumpkin pie smell), with minimal but present spicing, and Sam Adams beer flavor all mixed in there.
LIGHT on the spicing, but just enough to not make it feel like you’re drinking squash beer. This is probably the best balance of pumpkin v. spice I’ve had so far.
A lighter Sam Adams beer with squashy pumpkin puree mixed in to keep it at the appropriate power level for a pumpkin beer. Not as bold in taste as their Octoberfest, which I think works here. A nice easy-to-drink pumpkin beer without losing touch with being a beer. Meeting me in the middle, how nice!
3.75/5 pumpkins. Favorite so far.

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