I can make a mess like nobody’s business.


On June 28, I signed up for NYC’s portion of the Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run, an off-road mud run series with races across the country. At the time, October 3 (the date of the run) felt like a lifetime away. Sitting here on September 29 feels a little differently.

I had the option of choosing the 5K or the 10K course, and not being one to take the easy (perceived or otherwise) route for anything, I immediately chose 10K. Facebook confirms this, as my friends and I created an event in order to invite anyone we knew with an ounce of athleticism and/or an affinity for ruining clothing.

(June 28 at 11:58pm) Cait Knoll: 10K. BOOM.

From the official Mud Run site, the run is promised to include “Military-style Obstacles, Commanding cargo climbs, Wild water crossings, a post-race BBQ and awesome Tech Tee, and Mud, Mud and MORE MUD!”

mud butt.. similar to swamp ass

I’m wildly excited for this, and yet severely nervous. Running terrifies me because I can’t conquer it. While the calisthenics portion of this event will be right in my wheelhouse (refer to my liking to do push-ups until my arms go to mush), running has always been a thorny activity in my world.  Sprints? No problem. Getting my brain and breathing in the right place for 6+ miles? Yikes.

One of my favorite things about this whole event was finding out who in my life thinks the mud run sounds like an incredible time, as well as who “would literally rather do anything else in the world but that,” as one of my acquaintances so delicately put it.

she looks... happy.

At any rate, this endeavor is a real challenge, and I’m very much looking forward to testing myself, my body, and my willpower.

I am also looking forward to the BBQ.

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