The Sweet Spot

Legitimately me. Boom.

Nothing feels better than connecting with a pitch on the sweet spot of your bat. If you haven’t experienced it, I suggest you find your nearest batting cage and get to swingin’.

Hitting the sweet spot feels delicious – it’s almost indescribable. I think there are similar ‘sweet spots’ in life, but they certainly don’t appear or take place every day.

Today is a special day, though, because I have a fat pitch coming right down the pipe (in the form of a job I legitimately can’t wait to take part in), and I’m swinging away. The moment I step onto the set (where said gig is taking place), I know that satisfying feeling  I’ve been longing for will drape itself around me – the feeling of connecting with something in stride, at just the right moment, in just the right place.

I can’t wait.

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