Mr. Regular Season returns…and other notable gunslingers.

Mr. Regular Season is my nickname for Tom Brady.  He hasn’t lost a regular season game with the Patriots since Dec. 10, 2006.  I may not like his style or his general demeanor, but I cannot deny the man has talent. A lot of it.

The Patriots edged the Buffalo Bills last night 25-24, almost solely because of Brady’s performance in the final two minutes.  Brady threaded two TD passes to tight end Ben Watson in a span of one minute and 16 seconds.  That’s…impressive.  Despite rehabilitation and rust, Brady proved that he is still a force, and he still knows how to win.

A number of other quarterbacks made debuts this weekend, like rookie notables Mark Sanchez (New York Jets) and Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions), and a purple-clad Brett Favre (Minnesota Vikings).  Sanchez grabbed a W in his debut, going 18-31 for 272 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT; helping the Jets beat the Texans 24-7.  Stafford, the 2009 top overall draft choice, wasn’t as successful in his opener, going 16-37 for 205 yards, 0 TD, and 3 INT.  The Lions fell to the New Orleans Saints 45-27, thanks in part to a phenomenal showing from Saints QB Drew Brees.  More on him in a minute.

Favre, whose vacated New York Jets QB spot opened up nicely for Sanchez, donned his third uniform in three years and took the Vikings to a 34-20 victory over the Cleveland Browns.  Favre was 14-21 for 110 yards and 1 TD–clearly not a pass-heavy day–but he had some fierce offensive support from running back Adrian Peterson.  Peterson rushed for a measley 180 yards and 3 TDs.  Cripes.

Around the league, QB’s got into the groove or showed very plainly how many months they had been off the gridiron.  Brees was one of the strongest performers from the weekend with 358 yards and 6 TDs.  Tony Romo helped the Cowboys by going long for 3 TDs, and Joe Flacco flew three of his own to the endzone to help the Baltimore Ravens beat the K.C. Chiefts 38-24.   

The season has officially begun.  Rookies have one under the belt, and vets are back in the game.  Week One is history; who will shine in week 2?



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